wow Kirsten Dunst just blatently victim shaming wow


nessie has surfaced for the first time in years because she heard theyre making another transformers movie and she’s not happy about it


Tentative list of musicals I want to see

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tomorrow i’m going to a baby shower and today i picked this lil bub up two Polo onesies as a gift. this little boy is gonna have so much swag.


White people get mad over things like the picture of one direction walking on abbey road, or wearing a band t shirt when you don’t listen to the music, calling it “disrespectful” but when it comes to cultural appropriation and stealing marginalized people’s most sacred traditions, they’re like “oh, we’re just appreciating your culture, stop getting so angry” while throwing paint at each other and prancing around in cheap, craft store, feather headdresses


best $25,000 fine ever.


in 9th grade i was getting picked on in class and this girl was like “fuck you guys leave him alone” and called me over to her seat and I was like “thx lol” and she was like “I have something special to show you don’t tell the teacher” and I said “ok” and she pulled a guinea pig out of her purse 


You have permission to eat. Even if you:

  • haven’t exercised
  • eaten too much yesterday
  • eaten too much today
  • don’t know the exact nutritional value of the meal
  • have gained weight
  • aren’t feeling hungry ‘enough’
  • feel like you don’t deserve it 



1. wear more black
2. be meaner to boys
3. do homework maybe

someone just messaged me about how offended they are that i would be mean to boys


"bear with me," i say

i have a bear with me. i want everyone to know